Wine coolers, also referred to as wine refrigerators or wine chillers, are very important for proper wine storage. That’s because these units are not only able to protect your investment, but also enhance the flavor of your wines. Unfortunately, choosing the best one from a wide variety of alternatives seems quite complicated for many people. For this reason, most individuals give up on their dream of having a proper wine chiller for their wine collections.

But, even though there are a few things to consider and maybe, some wine cooler reviews to check, finding the best wine bottle cooler is not that complicated. On the contrary, if you’re going to read this buying guide, you will realize that getting a good wine cooler is easier than you actually expect.

Imperative Things to Know

The first thing you have to be aware of is that most manufacturers keep on developing wine coolers with technologically advanced features, which dictate tens of price points. As a result, selecting a particular unit based on its price is not a great idea.

Additionally, if you intend to check all the features of the available wine chillers, you are going to waste many hours without being capable to take a final decision. Evidently, this is because the vast majority of wine refrigerators come along with multiple attractive characteristics and functions, while almost every model delivers something unique. So, what can you do?

How to Buy the Right Wine Cooler

To find the top wine coolers, it is important to focus on specific elements, such as:

Temperature Controls: Although some units come along with pre-set temperature values that cannot be changed, most of them allow you to set the temperature between 40ºF and 65ºF. Additionally, digital controls are usually more accurate than analog controls. Since the digital controls can help you avoid temperature fluctuations, they are appropriate especially for long-term storage.

Temperature Zones: Most coolers provide only one temperature zone, which is appropriate for champagne, port, red, and white wines. Besides ensuring the right temperature for aging wines, these chillers provide appropriate humidity, which ranges between 55% and 75%. However, if you wish to get a wine cooler, which delivers appropriate service temperature for red (56 ºF-65 ºF) and white (42 ºF-50 ºF) wines, getting a dual-zone wine refrigerator is a must.

Capacity: You can find wine refrigerators ready to meet various individual and business needs. When changing your wine cooling unit, you should always go for a chiller with a bigger capacity than the current one. Complying with this suggestion will encourage you to grow your wine collection.

Shelving: Most shelves don’t only allow you to store different wine bottles, but also ensure easy handling. The latest wine coolers come along with shelves, which can be pulled out of the units.

Locks and Lights: Although most people never consider these features, buying a wine chiller with an appropriate lighting system and lock is important. Wine chiller lighting is usually available in most units, permitting you to draw people’s attention to your impressive wine collection and choose your favorite wine easily. Additionally, most units come along with standard locks, which can guard your precious wines against uninvited guests.

One More Thing…

Before taking your final decision, you should look for a unit that has a positive impact on room ambiance. Since there is a broad range of countertop, built-in, and freestanding wine coolers, which are made from different materials to fit various needs and demands, enhancing your interior with a beautiful and practical wine chiller is pretty simple.